AKI Movement Laboratory

Test. Treat. Train.

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Using movement science to eliminate pain and reduce injury risk


Testing guides treatment and training procedures leading to faster results


Implementing the latest research and advanced orthopedic techniques to eliminate pain

Product Research & Development

Using science to describe health & fitness product benefit on human function and performance


Movement is fundamental to every persons life.  With the ongoing development of technologies and scientific literature we have the ability to better understand the complexity and optimization of human form and function.  AKI Movement Laboratory was designed to be a place where human movement research could be applied to treat and reduce injury risk and enhance performance through movement analysis.


Test, Treat, Train is our proprietary model to analyze and facilitate optimal human movement.  We access leaders in various disciplines (onsite or remotely) to inform and contribute to each of these 3 steps as we either conduct original research or implement testing, treating and training protocols with clients in our lab.


AKI Movement Laboratory is applied movement science.  We offer a growing list of services for athletes, non-athletes, researchers, product developers and innovators who are all in the movement science industries.  Customization is our specialty because it is what the human movement design requires for optimal performance and analysis.