Research Institute of Human Movement

RIHM is a non-profit research extension of AKI Laboratory.  It provides a platform and provision of college/university researchers, professors and students who join practicing clinicians to create a ‘research team’.  RIHM provides additional resources such as facilities, equipment and project managers for research endeavors. With this partnership, AKI has the ability to reach different population bases in order to create high quality and well rounded research studies.

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BizFit is a Corporate and Residential Wellness company. As a Joint Venture consisting of four industry leaders in the fields of Nutrition, Fitness and Physical Therapy we are on the cutting edge of our respective fields. Together we are dedicated to helping people get the most out of life where they live and work. We inventively combine the specialization of all three areas of wellness into a uniquely integrated lifestyle experience. This unique combination of specialized areas separates us from the rest of the field of Corporate Wellness companies. Our approach improves the lives of the employees while simultaneously saving the company money.

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