Using the most current technology and evidence-informed clinicians and researchers we acquire and translate human performance data into practical information & solutions that optimize the human experience


AKI is a clinical movement laboratory designed to identify, prevent and correct human musculoskeletal system disorders, and conduct research & development on equipment or products that are used to interface with human performance..

At AKI, research-grade biomechanical and physiological technologies are used to objectively quantify human movement, with or without equipment/product interfacing, in order to provide physical therapists, personal trainers, coaches, physicians, parents, product manufacturers or innovators with specific information on how to better direct treatment or training approaches to better achieve injury prevention, athletic performance and rehabilitation from injury.



Manual therapy describes a clinical approach that utilizes skilled, specific hands-on techniques that are designed to reduce pain, improve tissue health and increase joint, muscle and nerve mobility.

These techniques are specifically chosen based on each client’s complaints and/or movement impairments and will often include joint mobilization/manipulation, soft tissue mobilization (massage) and neural mobilization.



Movement re-education is an integral part to our work at AKI and is necessary in maintaining changes that are achieved through manual therapy. Research has shown that if treatment or manual therapy is not combined with movement re-education, then, lasting, permanent changes will likely not be made, which means increased risk of re-injury.

At AKI, we use a progressive system that encompasses muscle activation and strengthening protocols with the ultimate goal of improving movement patterns that are relevant to a client’s life.