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SweetSpot™ Powered By AKI is a cloud based solution that integrates the study of movement, engineering and technology.  Our proprietary 9-axis sensor platform assists in expediting the development of wearable technology and expanding the study of BLE motion capture to support solutions in health, sport and science.
For more information on how to design a new product, develop and expand the capabilities of existing products, or build and integrate a custom solution contact Eric Sanchez, Director of Business Development at SweetSpot™ Powered By AKI  email: eric@akilabs.com

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Product Research & Development

AKI Movement Lab is a research & development partner for innovators, entrepreneurs and established companies who create fitness & health products.  We specialize in understanding human movement & design in order to better analyze products that aim to support human function and performance.

The AKI Research Process

  1. Preliminary discussion & brainstorm
  2. Product delivery & pilot-testing
  3. Discussion of initial findings & re-focusing
  4. Data collection with/without research design (literature review; IRB approval, research team formation, funding, etc.)
  5. Data report and commentary
  6. Manuscript preparation for publication (optional)

Research Options

Satisfaction Guaranteed: Options to Suit Any Need

Tier I.  Hourly Consulting

Invoiced Fee-for-service

  • Access to consulting staff, including:

  • DPT/PhD

  • Biomechanists

  • Lab Technician

  • Support Staff

Tier II. Product Testing 

  • Literature review
  • Competitor and market research
  • Pilot test(s)
  • Client discussions & planning
  • Secondary testing
  • R&D Report: Data presentation, description and proposal

Tier III. Publication

  • Research design
  • Attain Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval
  • Additional pilot test (if needed)
  • Design review and revision
  • Data collection
  • Review data & statistical analysis
  • Manuscript formation
  • Submission for publication


AKI Movement Lab provides ‘turn-key’ consulting to small and large organizations seeking to either establish a movement laboratory or expand an existing one.  Contact us for details.


AKI offers the highest level of strength and conditioning. We combine biomechanics and kinematics to bring each individual to their highest potential physical output at an injury free rate.  Using state of the art equipment, including force plates and high speed cameras, we are able to capture any discrepancies in movement. We test clients to find any pre-existing conditions, known or unknown, then re-educate the nervous system and muscular system to move properly.

AKI uses science and research-backed programming to create a progressive design that is perfect for you. With our highly experienced trainers and programming precision, we can help you not only reach your goals, but surpass them.

  • $85-$100 per session
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Access to all technology for biofeedback training when deemed necessary.
  • Private space reserved for all training sessions. No crowded gyms, no fighting for equipment.
  • Clients receive discounts on all testing protocols.
  • All trainers are certified through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (CSCS) and United States Weightlifting (SPC-L1).

To schedule online:
» Book an Appointment

Or contact our trainers directly:

Evan Pratt
(317) 445-1006

Lucas Miller
(805) 270-3004

Bike Fitting

Bike fitting is about “Fitting the bike to you and not you to the bike.” The fit process most importantly is about injury prevention. It takes about an hour and a half. Through analyzing your pedaling style, taking angle measurements from your legs, shoulders and pelvis and also look at any knee movement (checked with a laser guide) that could be caused by improper cleat placement or possible foot angle. Through the fit you will be more comfortable, efficient and powerful on the bike because the bike is being fit to your personal biomechanics not the other way around.

By checking both sides of the body Nate can also track possible leg length discrepancies and correct for them accordingly. After ten years for fitting professionally Nate has been able to help beginners to top professionals and world record holders by using the process.

The charge is $225 (multiple bike discounts available) for the Head to Toe Fit and you can pay by either cash, check or charge. You will need to bring cycling shoes, jersey and shorts and your bike to the fit appointment. Appointments take place here, at AKI.

To schedule, contact Nate Loyal:
(310) 937-6283


Force Plate

Incorporates Newton’s third law of motion (for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction) and tells the therapist how much force the client is contacting the ground with during certain tasks such as running, jumping, etc. The force plate then displays a real-time ground reaction force vector (GRF), which can be analyzed to determine how well a client is transferring force from the ground up through their body. Impairments in this force transfer, can lead to pain and more serious injuries such as ACL tears.


Measures the strength or torque capability of a particular muscle group in ft-lbs of force. A deficit in strength can lead to movement pattern problems and pain. Without a dynamometer, a client’s strength cannot be accurately quantified and compared from one limb to the other.

Zebris Treadmill

Provides real-time pressure mapping data of the client’s foot as they contact the ground. This data can then be used to identify deficits in balance and any irregularities in the pressure path through the foot with either standing, walking or running tasks.

Electromyography (EMG)

Provides real-time feedback as to the client’s ability to voluntarily activate a particular muscle. This information is extremely important as an individual may not be able to complete a particular movement without pain due to the fact that they are either activating the wrong muscles or the correct muscles are not turning on appropriately.

Video Motion Analysis

Using high-speed camera technology, our therapists can record a client’s joint angles in real-time while they are completing a variety of tasks and then analyze this data to make recommendations on how the movement could be performed better to prevent injury or recover from a current injury.

FLIR Infrared Thermo-imaging

Provides valuable data regarding skin surface temperature. By utilizing this technology, we are able to look at temperature changes on specific parts of the body. This information may provide insight to the metabolic and/or inflammatory responses to exercise.