Walk In Services

Balance & Gait Evaluation (30 minutes, $49)

Through the use of a pressure sensor instrumented treadmill, AKI clinicians can identify deficits while performing a number of tasks including quiet standing, single-leg standing and walking amongst others.  Especially in the older population, identifying balance problems and addressing them can lead to a significant reduction in injuries secondary to falls.

Technology Used:  pressure sensor instrumented treadmill

Walking & Running Performance Evaluation (60 minute test, 30 minute follow up, $350)

Used to identify abnormalities in the human running cycle including impaired shock absorption, limited or excessive joint excursions and stability at the foot, knee, pelvis and spine.  Problems in any one of these areas, can lead to increased wear and tear on various structures and pain.

Technology Used: high-speed video motion analysis, pressure sensor instrumented treadmill

Sport Performance Evaluation (90 minutes, $350)

Used to determine an athlete’s readiness and performance within active sport training or competition.  This exam involves the combination of a running evaluation and a protocol of six sport-specific tests on the force plate.  The force plate informs the clinician as to how well the athlete absorbs shock and when used in combination with high-speed video analysis, can also show the strategy the athlete uses.  The AKI clinician then uses this information to make recommendations on how the athlete can modify their movement patterns in order to prevent injury or re-injury.  This information is extremely important after injuries, particular ACL injuries as the re-tear rate is nearly 20% and 1 in every 10 collegiate female athletes will tear their ACLs.  Movement diagnostics and training like we are performing at AKI have been shown to dramatically lower these statistics.

Injury Prevention Screen (60 minute test, 30 minute follow up, $350)

This screen is designed to identify movement system impairments that could lead to injury if not addressed.  The screen encompasses a variety of functional movement tasks including balance, walking, running, jumping and various other tasks that may be relevant to the particular subject.  After completion of testing, a 30 minute table evaluation will be scheduled to further address potential treatment needs.

Technology Used: high-speed video motion analysis, force plate, dynamometer, EMG, pressure sensor instrumented treadmill

Jumping Evaluation (30 minutes, $149)

This exam is intended for any athlete or active individual who participates in an activity that requires jumping.  Numerous injuries are associated with an individual’s ability to jump and land appropriately.  During this examination, we will use high-speed camera analysis and the force plate to record movement strategies, joint alignment and the subject’s ability to absorb shock.

Technology Used: high-speed video motion analysis, force plate